Sunday, August 11, 2013

July Card Swap cards

Here I am, bringing up the rear, so to speak.  I know.  I'm the last one to post cards from the kit Laurie sent out in July.  I finally found time this last week to work on the cards as well as get photos taken of them.  So, here they are:

I really liked the Thank You stamp Laurie included in the kit.  I used it on all they cards! I also really liked the contrast of the bright colors - pink & turquoise - used along with the black and white patterned papers. 

Thanks for looking!  Time to get started on next month's cards. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Card Swap, Month 5

Wendy provided us with a wonderful kit this month (which I forgot to take a photo of).  I did remember to take photos of the cards I made though and here they are:

I still have one more card to make.  My plan is to give these cards to 4 girls that are pretty special to me - they are 4 girls that recently graduated from high school and I had the pleasure to coach in softball for 3 years.  

Thanks for looking. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chelsea's Senior Pictures

Had a fun afternoon with this cutie, her mom and the Anna & Shawna (a.k.a. hair people).

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching up on Cards

I've been behind on posting my card from Arlyn's card kit swap.  Being sick in April and the busy-ness of May have found me trying to play catch up for a few weeks now.  I'm happy to say I am finally caught up.... at least for today.  So, here are my cards from Susan's kit from March as will as Katie's April kit.  Hope you like them.

The first 3 cards are from Katie's kit and the final 2 from Susan's.

I was able to use all of the cards today for graduation receptions - working as the school secretary, I was invited to 22 grad parties this year.  Whoo - that takes a lot of cards. Having these cards have really helped me survive the graduation season.  

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Hunt for the Perfect Venue Begins

Venue #1, Sticks Event Center
 Gift table
 Ceremony area
 From front of ceremony area looking toward lounge and kitchen serving area. The gold chairs are $7.00 each to rent.

 The front of the ceremony area (how it was set up for the wedding they were hosting today)

 Kitchen/serving area.  The lower cabinets are actually metal, no need to cover them with brown paper.
 This is the lounge area that is to the left of the kitchen area as you look toward the back of the building. The atrium area, which is the main/largest room is to the right.
 Kitchen again

 Bar area.  Keep in mine the lace tablecloths are for today's wedding and not really part of the decor.  The things on the wall behind the bar are a bunch of votive candles.  I'll bet they look very pretty lit up in the evening.
 Looking along the back wall of the Atrium (main area).  Very pretty with all the windows. There are also votive candles all along the window ledge.  Again, it would be very pretty in the evening.
 This looks down the hallway that leads to the restroom.  To fit 300 people, we would need to have tables set up down this area, toward the rope lights.  They have the rope lights lit up during the event as a way to direct people to the restrooms.
 This is the door along the back side of the building in the atrium area.  Most of the doors are painted on the inside and outside.  Very cool Sticks look. The guy said a lot of couples use the area in front of these doors for the dance floor.
 The full photo of the door.  All of the doors are tall - lots of windows.
 This is the backside of the kitchen.  The wall area can have a personalized chalk design done (of course, at an extra cost of $50.00 per hour). But a cool thing.
 These are the lights that are above the counter in the kitchen.
 Business office.  This is an area where the bridal party can put their things.  It is above the hallway that leads to the restroom.
 The area below the business office.  One of the things I did not like about the venue.  Because it is the warehouse and this is where Sticks makes it product, you see all of their equipment.  The guy said that the area can be draped (about $300-400 more) to hide it, but he said in the evenings, the areas seem to "black out" and you really can't see the stuff.  He said there have only been a couple of brides that have had the areas draped.  It's a personal choice.

Signs and rope lighting leading to the restrooms.

 Ladies room.  Nice sized, clean, and a bowl of mints on the counter.
 Atrium.  You can see the chalkboard wall.  This view is from the painted door area looking into the main room.
 Same thing.
 Chalkboard wall.
 Entry along the west side of the building.  This looks from the main entrance toward the parking lot.  It's on a very quiet street.  There is room for 80 cars in the parking lot and the rest of the parking is on the street, but I don't think street parking would be an issue since it's off the beaten path.
 One of the outside painted doors.  This is along the wall where the ceremony area is.
 Close up of the door.
 Another close up of the door.
 The entryway looking from the parking lot to the main entrance.  The main door is the furthest one.  A cool thing is the tiki torches.  They would be lit up which I think would be beautiful at night.
 The sculpture in front of the building.
 Front of the building.  The walkway/entry is on the left.
Walk way.  This is the west side of the building

The coolest part of the building.  If you look on their Facebook page you will see pictures taken of this in the evening.  The lighting is very pretty. You can do some amber uplighting along the back wall of these windows and it would be gorgeous.
Just another view of the east side of the building.  This is the side guests would see as they drive up to the facility.  It's a very neat looking building.